Game startersEdit

  • The game's going to be Freeware. We might add some ads in non-combat activities or/and stuff like skins for your armor and furniture but that's about it.
  • You WILL NOT be able to buy stuff that make this game pay to win. Period.
  • With the Offensive soul you start out as a Warrior.
  • With the Defensive soul you start out as a Shieldbearer.
  • With the Supportive soul you start out as a Cleric.
  • You can attack then move or move and then attack.
  • Each skill should have at least 5 levels or maximum of 1 level.

Forming the TeamEdit

You can hire people in inn's and then customize them freely. You change their name, their hairstyle, their class. You won't be able to reroll their stats, change their souls or something like that.


  • We need the paper doll
  • Separative items for slots: Head, Arms, Chest, Legs, Boots, Both hands, Back, Amulets and Rings
  • Everything from Forming the Team
  • There won't be a general level for a character. By playing a class and leveling it up you'll get some stats forever. I'm thinking about allowing to retain some skills of the class you mastered or something like that.

Guild housesEdit

  • Somewhere early in the game the player will get a land.
  • The player will be able to customize his land with furniture he gets from events, quests or just the one he buys at the shop.
  • During the PvP battles you fight on the defending's player guild house.

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