Depending on your main soul, classes and abilities may differ (A Druid is a rhinoceros as a Defensive, a succulent as a Supportive and a snake as a Offensive)

There are special classes for various soul combos of course. Most of the people will choose Offensive as their main soul so it is necessary to balance accordingly.


The main aggressive aspect of any party, using devastating damage to annihilate foes.

  • Druid
  • Warrior
  • Generic barbarian
  • Generic archer
  • Generic rogue
  • Generic everything else


The tank of your team, heckling multiple mobs at once to protect allies.


The "principal facteur" of any party, using damage or healing abilities to aid allies.

Offensive x DefensiveEdit

A mixture between both, this class tree is able to withstand an impressive amount of damage, whilst dealing it too.

  • Some guy with full plate armor and dual-wielding swords

Supportive x OffensiveEdit

A mixture between both, this class tree is able to deal damage and support allies with healing too. This class is also able to use auras to negate harmful effects on allies.

Defensive x SupportiveEdit

A mixture between both, this class tree uses imperishable defensive abilities and renewing healing abilities to aid allies on the battlefield.

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